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Barnes Waste Disposal Guidelines

We have established these guidelines so that we may continue to provide you with the best service possible. If you have any questions or concerns, as always, please use our convenient on-line E-Mail & Sign-Up form or feel free to Contact us at 972-734-3333

Commonly Asked Questions & Helpful Information


All trash must be out by 6 a.m. on your collection day; return trips are subject to an extra charge.


The basic monthly service rate is for up to 120 gallons of trash collected each week from a single residence. Expanded monthly service rate is for up to 240 gallons of trash collected each week from a single residence. Sharing of service between households is not permitted. If the amount of trash set out for collection each week exceeds your chosen level of service, you will automatically be raised to the level of service that is appropriate for the amount being collected.

Loose Debris

All trash must be enclosed in tied plastic bags. Empty boxes must be broken down and bundled together to be placed next to your container. Please do not put loose debris in your container. Route personnel are not responsible for removing loose trash from your container, or for loose trash that has blown out of your container.

Weight Limit

  • The weight limit for any bag or box to be picked up is 35 lbs.
  • Our Polycart trash containers have a 300 lb weight limit.

Bulk Items

You must call in advance for bulk items or trash in excess of your regular amount. If you have not called in advance, items may be left. Please label any items that are not obvious as refuse. Route personnel are limited to 2 cubic yards of bulk, twice a month, collected with regular trash once it has been scheduled. Two cubic yards is 6ft long x 3ft wide x 3ft tall, or about the size of a loveseat.

Special Preparations for Bulk Items

  • Carpet must be cut into strips no wider than 48 inches and rolled into secured bundles of no more than 35 lbs.
  • Glass Doors, Mirrors, or Windows must have the glass broken out and placed into a sealed cardboard or hard-sided container to be collected with the rest of the item.
  • Basketball Goals must be drained and disassembled.
  • Lawn Mowers must be drained of all fluids.
  • Power Wheels cars and electric lawn equipment must have the batteries removed.

Lawn Debris

All lawn clippings should be contained in either the paper “green bags” or 2mil plastic garbage bags, and weigh no more than 35 lbs. per bag, with a limit of 5 bags collected per week.

Limbs and brush must be cut to no longer than 48 inches in length and bound in bundles of no more than 6 inches in diameter, weighing no more than 35 lbs. Limbs/logs/trunks that are over 6 inches in diameter must be cut in half or quartered.

Excessive grass, leaves, and lawn clippings are subject to an extra charge. Bags in excess of the 5 per week allotment will be taken on a space permitting basis. Collection of excess lawn bags are not guaranteed.

BWDI is not responsible for collecting brush or lawn debris generated by lawn services or any person that is not the account holder.


Styrofoam packing materials (i.e. peanuts, blocks, balls, etc.) must be enclosed in a securely tied bag or box that is taped shut. Otherwise they will not be picked up. You may also return them to a local mailing/packing center for recycling. Route personnel are not responsible for Styrofoam that has been distributed by wind or animals.


Route personnel are not responsible for trash torn up by animals and will not collect trash if there is a menacing or threatening animal guarding your trash or in your container. For health and safety reasons, pet feces should be sealed/tied in (2) plastic bags (double bagged) that are no heavier than 20 lbs. Dead animals must be properly encased in (2) non-porous bags and weigh no more than 35 lbs.

Insulin Needles

BWDI will collect insulin needles if they are contained inside a hard-sided sharps container. Trash will be left if uncontained needles are seen in the can by the route personnel.


Containers provided to the customer by Barnes Waste Disposal, Inc. are on loan from the company to be used while the customer has service in good standing with Barnes Waste Disposal, Inc. In the event of a service cancellation, whether initiated by the customer or the company, the trash container must be returned to Barnes Waste Disposal Inc. If a container is not able to be recovered by the company, the customer will be charged $90 per container. Customers may be charged a fee for lost, damaged, or stolen containers.

The following will not be collected by BWDI

Including but not limited to hazardous waste, roofing material, shingles, construction or remodeling done by a contractor, dirt, rock, brick, steel shavings, concrete, hot ashes, automotive parts, tires, batteries, liquid paint, motor oil, solvents, pool chemicals, refrigerant appliances, radioactive material, pathogens, toxic waste, acidic waste, or volatile material. Prohibited materials that are discovered in your trash after dumping the container are subject to an additional charge. BWDI is not responsible for damage done to roadways or other property resulting from improper disposal of prohibited items.

Office Hours

Our office is typically open Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. We are closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We do try to answer phone calls as they come in, however, if we are on the phone with another customer or out of the office, you may need to leave a message. We will return the call of anyone who has left a message while we were unavailable.

Holiday Schedule

BWDI only observes the following holidays

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

If your service day falls on or after these weekday holidays your trash collection will be one day later, for that week only. Friday routes will be collected on Saturday. Service days preceding a holiday will not be affected. We do not delay service for any holiday that falls on a weekend (Saturday/Sunday).

Bulk items will not be collected on holiday weeks.

Payment Deadline

Payment is due in full on the 10th of each month. We send out bills on the 20 of each month for the upcoming month. For example, December’s bill would be mailed out on November 20, and payment for December would be due December 10th. Non-payment will result in service interruption without prior notification. Continued non- payment will result in service cancellation. Reinstatement of service after cancellation will require full payment of the past due balance accumulated prior to cancellation of service, plus payment for the upcoming month.

Email Whitelist

Please be sure to add wastedpl@swbell.net and sales@barneswds.com to your e-mail contacts or “white list” to ensure that you do not miss a notification from our office. We never sell your e-mail address, and will only use them to contact you regarding your service or billing.

Other Questions

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 972-734-3333, wastedpl@swbell.net, or www.barneswds.com


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Basic service starts at $29.00 per month (including all taxes and fees) for residential service, payable monthly. To sign up for service, or for more information, please use our convenient on-line E-Mail and Sign Up form, or Call Barnes Waste Disposal Service at 972-734-3333.