Dependable, Courteous, Weekly Trash Removal Service

City of Lucas Guidelines

Since 2002, Barnes WDI has been collecting trash for all residents within the city limits of Lucas. The charge for this service will be added to your monthly water bill, or if your water is provided by another source, in a separate bill sent from the City.

To avoid any confusion or problems with collection, please read the following guidelines and be sure to share this information with others in your household.

Monday Collection
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Tuesday Collection
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Wednesday Collection
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Thursday Collection
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Friday Collection
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Basic Service:

This service level consists of trash collection from containers equivalent to one (1) 96-gallon polycart plus 2-3 kitchen-sized bags each week or up to 120 gallons. Upon request, each residence will be supplied with (1) 96-gallon polycart at no charge.

Expanded Service:

Expanded Service consists of double the amount of trash collected each week or up to 240 gallons.

Expanded Service does not change the collection frequency or the amount of included bulky items collected. Residents would need to inform the City or BWD, of the request for Expanded service. If additional container(s) are needed, you may request an additional 96-gallon polycart directly from BWD OR you may use any type of container you choose. You will be billed on your water bill whichever rate is appropriate for the amount being collected at your residence each week.

BWD shall have no obligation to collect trash, garbage or refuse with regard to amount in excess of 120 gallons from residents opting for basic service, or 240 gallons from residents opting for expanded service. If your residence requires more than the above described, you may request another polycart and each additional 100 gallons of refuse will be collected at an additional rate.

Bulky items: The amount of 2 cubic yards (6ft X 3ft X 3ft), OR approximately the size of a sofa will be collected twice per month upon request, normally on your regular day of service. Examples of bulky items are furniture, appliances, junk clean out, yard debris.

If you have more than 2 cubic yards to be collected at one time, we recommend using a junk hauler for this type of pickup. We have recommendations handy should you need them!

City of Lucas Utility Billing

For tree limbs/brush: Bundled and tied lawn debris will be collected with unlimited amount so long as it is cut no longer than 4ft [48 inches] in length AND weigh no more than 40 lbs per each individual piece or bundle.
A different truck that may collect tree limbs/brush if more than 2 cubic yards is out & may be left at road until the following day. In addition, BWD will be scheduling larger/uncut brush piles on a first come, first serve basis of up to (10) cubic yards twice per calendar year. This complimentary service requires brush to be curbside. This service will not be collected with your regular weekly trash.

Extra Services: such as carry out from your backyard, pasture, tree line etc. can be arranged & will be quoted on an “as needed” basis. The cost for these services will be billed directly from BWD & must be paid prior to collection.

Stable Matter: Manure or stable matter will be billed per (96 gal) container to the customer by BWD. Customer must purchase their own container(s) for manure or stable matter.

Construction/Remodel/Yard Debris: BWD will not collect or dispose of construction, remodel or landscape debris if generated by a business, individual or entity providing such services to the property owner.

Household Hazardous Waste: Please call BWD @ 972-734-3333 for collection dates and instructions. Certain items or excessive amounts may be spread among multiple dates OR may require an extra fee.

Holiday Schedule

Barnes WDI observes the following holidays. If your regular day of collection falls on OR after a weekday holiday, service will be delayed one day for that week only. Friday routes will be collected on Saturday. Please note that we do not skip service for any holidays other than those listed below:
New Years
Memorial Day

4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day


Family Owned
& Operated


Lighter & Quieter

Basic service starts at $27.00 per month for residential service, payable monthly. To sign up for service, or for more information, please use our convenient on-line E-Mail and Sign Up form, or Call Barnes Waste Disposal Service at 972-734-3333.